Athletic Performance

Everyone knows athletic performance is enhanced by maintaining high levels of physical fitness. This is only part of the story however, according to research sports performance has more to do with mental preparation than physical abilities. This may sound odd but thousands of sportsmen and women have recognised the power of mental state on performance. Hypnosis has been used for many years by athletes to improve their natural ability. The golfer Tiger Woods famously uses hypnosis.

Controlling the nerves

Although a small amount of pre-match nerves can aid performance, successful athletes need to control their psychological state to prevent them from underperforming because of anxiety. Hypnotherapy enhanced performance by enabling competitors to focus on their goals and achieve them. Hypnosis can empower athletes to control negative thoughts and emotions to allow them to  perform at their best. Athletes often describe being in the “zone” when engaging in sport and hypnotherapy can help them to access this. Of course Hypnotherapy is not just for professional athletes it can help anyone who wished to be more motivated of improve their level of fitness and performance.

How can Hypnotherapy help improve athletic performance?

Hypnotherapy can help anyone, regardless of current skill level, to access the inner resources that we all have to allow them to perform to the best of their ability. Hypnosis can help with running, golf, swimming, football, cricket and pretty much any sport you can think of. Accessing your inner resources allows you to use them to your advantage. Hypnotherapy can help athletes to relax, remove anxieties, boost self esteem, confidence and self belief. Of course everyone is different so it works in different ways for each individual. Hypnosis helps athletes to maintain composure and focus with out being distracted, let go of fears and gain confidence in their own ability.

The mind is powerful

In the context of sport visualisation can be very powerful. If your mind is capable of imagining something it is capable of making it happen and often the race is won before the starter pistol is fired. Visualising a personal best or a winning performance really can tune the mind for success.

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”  ~ Muhammad Ali

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