The Benefits of mindfulness in the work place.

What are the benefits of mindfulness for employers? Mindfulness is one of the most powerful ways to have more emotionally intelligent employees. Having emotionally intelligent employees is important because they’ll treat their co-workers and your customers better. They will develop self -awareness and self-confidence. They become more motivated, more resilient and less stressed. Work is becoming a frantic place, with many people expected to do more with less.

But what about the human side of business?

What about treating someone with respect? What about empathizing with people to understand where they come from?

Having your employees be more mindful and more aware could be the secret to your success.

Mindfulness has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but unfortunately, not every company is on board. Many companies like Google and Facebook offer mindfulness training to their employees because they understand the benefits.

There is lots of research to show that mindfulness is beneficial in improving anxiety, stress and insomnia as well as boosting the immune system and improving medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, asthma and chronic pain. Learning to experience life moment to moment can create calm and wellbeing. Developing mindfulness skills helps people to be more engaged in their work, more energized, less anxious and suffer from less symptoms of stress. It is not just the individuals that benefit, those around them and their employers reap benefits like greater clarity, improved decision making and judgment and better relationships. Mindfulness is a fantastic way of dealing with stress

Can you afford stress in your workplace?

Government figures show that 3.6 billion pounds is lost due to stress annually. 60% of the adult population is affected by stress.  (Source Royal Sun Alliance) Legally employers have a duty of care to look after the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. They need to provide a reasonably healthy and safe environment.

What is it worth to retain good staff, reduce time off work and avoid costly litigation?

Corporate mindfulness

I work with large and small organisations to deliver tailor made mindfulness programmes to their employees. This can take the form of half or full day workshops, 8 week group programmes or one to one sessions. My programmes are designed to reduce sick leave, anxiety and stress amongst employees and improve moral.

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