Motivation – let’s get motivated.

So 2017 is nearly here and of course this is the time of year when we begin to think about resolutions and change. All too often we start off well then the motivation seems to disappear. I hope this year will be different. We need motivation.

Rain on your parade

Every week I take my 7 year old son to a running club and he loves it. The only problem is come rain or shine I have to accompany him and join in with the training. Lately it has been more rain than shine and cold rain at that! Every week we go along to a dark muddy field and run around for an hour and every week I really don’t want to go. The thing is once I am there I love it just as much as him. So how do I motivate myself to turn up? My trick is to keep in mind the feeling I have once I have warmed up and I am running around like a 7 year old. Just thinking of this feeling gives me the surge of motivation I need.

What will motivate me?

We all know people who smoke, need to loose weight, exercise more or have a habit they don’t like. Many of these people complain about their bad habits, but even though them know all the health risks they never seem to motivate themselves to change. If we are going to change we need to make new habits that are healthy and realistic. Most people can’t live on 500 calories a day for very long! So ask yourself what will motivate me to change? What bothers me most about my habit? For many people it is not the obvious risks that bother them. More personal things like yellowing of teeth for smokers or embarrassment at slimming world if you have gained rather than lost weight are good motivation. Try to keep in mind your end gaol, visualise it and imagine it as though it has already happened and don’t lose heart. If you have a set back see it as a blip rather than a failure and you will be far more motivated to carry on.

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Good luck with the resolutions! Have a Happy and Healthy 2017!


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