How can you have a Mindful Christmas?

What does Christmas really mean to you?

I asked this question of my mindfulness group a few weeks ago and I received a wide variety of responses from stress to worry to indifference. Of course for many Christmas is a wonderful positive time of year. Even those who love Christmas can experience some stress during the run up. Some would argue that Christmas has become over commercialized and hectic. So how can we make this season more meaningful and peaceful.

Can we get back to the true meaning of Christmas?

Isn’t the true meaning of Christmas: Love, Connection, Hope and Peace?

Mindful Christmas.

We seem to anticipate and prepare for Christmas earlier and earlier each year and this gives us more and more time to stress and worry about it. Now the big day is nearly here make sure you get the most out of it. Have you ever eaten a mince pie mindfully? Or really spent time looking at the twinkly fairy lights? When was the last time you appreciated the smell of a Christmas tree or the feel of a cuddle from your granny?

Mindfulness encourages us to develop several attitudes – non-judgment, trust, patience, beginners mind, letting go, acceptance and non-striving. As well as generosity and gratitude. These to me seem like a blue print for improving the festive experience.

So this festive season try to remember to be mindful. An easy way to do this is to bring simple awareness to your day to day experience. Try to be present when you open your presents and make sure you savour that turkey. For one day you can leave behind the hectic pace of life. Christmas can be a time of nurturing and kindness not only to those around you but also to yourself. So take a breath and enjoy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas!

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