I originally trained as a doctor and worked as a psychiatrist with a special interest in addiction therapy. I stopped practicing several years ago to have my family and am now a mother of three young children. I understand the pressures of balancing family life with the demands of work.


I take a holistic approach to hypnotherapy with an emphasis on the powerful connection between mind and body. Using hypnotherapy we can work together to gain freedom from fear, anxiety, stress, over-eating, low self-esteem, phobias, pain, IBS, smoking and many more issues which may hold you back. Together we can work to allow you to reach your full potential.


I have worked with a wide range of clients allowing them to address a number of issues from stress at work, pain management, the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, overcoming phobias, sexual problems, insomnia to improving their athletic performance. I am also trained in Hypnobirthing. I have been inspired by the power of hypnotherapy to enable positive change. I can even conduct hypnotherapy session via Skype if it is difficult for you get to me. I have knowledge of the human body, medical treatments and ethics thanks to my previous role as a doctor. Any information given during a session will remain completely confidential.

I also work as a tutor for Chrysalis ( training hypnotherapists.


I would like to take a moment to share my own experience of hypnotherapy. I suffered with a fear of flying for many years, so much so that travelling by plane had become something I dreaded. I undertook four sessions of Hypnotherapy to overcome this fear. I have flown on many occasions since completing my hypnotherapy and I can honestly say I have enjoyed the experience. I have been released from my fear and can now enjoy every aspect of travelling abroad. One of my main reasons for wanting to get rid of my fear was the effect it could have on my children. It is such a relief to be able to fly with confidence and be able to instil confidence in them.

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