Mindfulness Programme

Improve your employee health and wellbeing


“Mindfulness is an awareness and acceptance of thoughts, emotions, the body, surroundings and circumstances in the present moment.”


Work is becoming a frantic place with may people being expected to  do more with  less. Training your employees to  be more mindful could be the secret to your success.

Government figures show that 3.6 billion pounds are lost due to stress annually. Mindfulness is proven to reduce anxiety, stress and improve physical wellbeing. Developing mindfulness skills helps people to be more engaged in their work, more energized, less anxious and to  be able to cope better under pressure.

Employers reap the benefits of having emotionally intelligent employees who work with  greater clarity, improved judgment and decision making and have a better relationship with colleagues and co workers.

I can provide a bespoke mindfulness programme for your company.



What I can deliver:


8 week Mindfulness programmes for groups of 10-12

One to one Mindfulness sessions

Morning or full day Mindfulness workshops



Can you afford Stress in your workplace? What is it worth to retain good staff, reduce time off work and avoid costly litigation?


To find out how Mindfulness could help your business

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