I’d attempted dieting numerous times over the years and really wanted to achieve a healthier lifestyle but just couldn’t seem to commit. I kept making excuses. I turned to hypnotherapy with Suzanne and I can honestly say my lifestyle has improved considerably! The techniques Suzanne used totally opened up my mind and removed the barriers I had. I am now a member of a gym and go 2-3 times a week. I  have found that I love swimming which I do weekly. Suzanne has a wonderful calming & understanding approach and put me at ease throughout the whole experience.

Mrs A, 39 years

Suzanne worked with me to encourage relaxation, stress and weight loss.  She was incredibly understanding and took the time to really get beneath the surface so she was able to deliver a programme tailored specifically to me.  I am now able to manage my stress a lot more easily, and can bring myself back to focusing on the important things in life, getting rid of that internal “panic”.  Thank you so much and I can highly recommend her services.

Mrs S, 35 years

I would just say that Suzanne did an amazing job in just a couple of sessions I was able to overcome a lifelong phobia sufficiently to approach eye surgery in a calm and confident way.  I could not have believed beforehand that it would be possible for me to undergo that surgery without general anaesthetic but I did so with no experience of stress whatsoever.

Mrs R, 69

Incommunities engaged Suzanne to provide mindfulness training to support colleagues with their wellbeing at work.  Feedback has been fantastic and our people tell us they have made positive changes as a direct result of attending.  Suzanne is a great practitioner and I am happy to recommend her to others.

Incommunities, Shipley

Suzanne’s professional and encouraging approach helped me with my sleeping problems. After a few relaxing sessions I’m sleeping a lot better and each day is more productive now as a result of a better nights sleep. I would highly recommend Suzanne.

Mrs M, 33 years

Thank you again for your time over the last few months, I’ve found it invaluable across all areas of my life, not just the initial reason I made contact with you.  I hope to continue to build on this all the work we have done.

Miss R, 33 years

I hadn’t been flying for nearly 12 years and then a friend recommended seeing Suzanne. With nothing to lose I thought I’ll give it a go.After 3 sessions I was ready to fly and flew soon afterwards to Dublin. I have now booked a flight to Seville and am looking at Greece for next year. It used to send a shiver down my spine whenever I thought about flying, but thanks to Suzanne I don’t give it a second thought

Mr M, 55

Having cared for my mum who is entering the 7th(and last) stage of dementia I found myself in what I can only describe as a ‘dark room’ from where I could not see my way out. I then had the ‘bright’ idea of trying hypnotherapy again. I had had hypnotherapy before when I was struggling in my last teaching year and it had worked.

After the first session with Suzanne I could already feel the benefits of this therapy. Now, 3 months later my anxiety, which I felt throughout the day for the last 2 years, is rarely present. I’m now able to fall asleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow, I’m able to concentrate on interests that benefit me, and even plan for my future

Mrs M, 65

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