Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural and normal processes and Hypnotherapy in pregnancy is concerned with preparing the mother (and partner) for birth, allowing an easier, more comfortable and pain-less birth. Hypnobirthing prepares the mother on a physical and mental level and has many advantages and benefits.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing*

  • Reduction of morning sickness

  • Eliminates fear and tension

  • Reduces and can even eliminate pain

  • Shorten the birthing process

  • Enhances bonding between mother, baby, partner and siblings

  • Accomplish birth with minimum interventions

  • Accomplish birth gently and calmly

  • Increase energy post birth

  • Happier, better adjusted babies, conducive to better feeding and sleeping routines

What is hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme. It teaches simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques designed to enable a better birth experience. Hypnobirthing allow the mother to be in control of her birth experience and to enjoy the joy and magic of the experience.

Elimination of fear

Pregnancy and preparation for the arrival of your baby can be a wonderful time full of excitement and anticipation. However many women especially first time mothers or those who have had a difficult first labour fear the birth itself. A key part of hypnobirthing is eliminating the fear and tension. Anxiety can have a negative effect not only on mental well being but on the mother’s physical state. Women do not have to be taught how to give birth the body is perfectly designed for this and knows instinctively what to do. Hypnobirthing gives mothers the confidence to work with their bodies to allow the birth to happen naturally.

Find out more

Please call me on 07769892376 to find out more about the hypnobirthing packages I offer. These include – Morning sickness and Hyperemesis, Preparation for Birth, Bonding with Baby, Breathing Techniques for Labour and Birth and Postnatal wellbeing. Each package can be tailored to your specific needs and can involve both mum and partner.

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*Benefits for most women not in a high risk situation.

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