The summer is here and a lot of us are looking forward to flying off to get some sun. Maybe flying is something you don’t look forward to, in fact it is something you dread. This fear may even stop you from travelling abroad altogether. It doesn’t matter how many times someone tries to reassure you that flying is the safest form of transport this fear still persists. A phobia stems from your subconscious and your subconscious mind takes everything literally. This is the reason why you will feel fear when you are watching a horror film even though you know it is not real. A phobia may have established such a firm hold on your life that it seems impossible to unlock or even understand.

Phobias are irrational fears and there are many things that people are frightened of. Believe me the list is endless – from a fear of flying (Aerophobia) to a fear of feet (Podophobia) you are definitely not alone! We are not born with these fears and they can develop for many reasons. One or several incidents (usually in childhood) can be a trigger. The fear may be learned from role models or even by spending time with someone who has the phobia. In the case of flying, the media are responsible for instilling a sense of heightened danger in us. Severe stress can also trigger a phobia. Sometimes we begin to see the fear as our protector. If we let go of the fear we believe something bad will happen.

If you suffer from a phobia ask yourself the following questions:

How much of my life is being affected by my fear? What does it stop me from doing? Is there any benefit to continuing to have this fear? What positive changes will I notice when I finally let go of my fear? When do I want this to change?

You may not believe me just now, but flying is a fun and enjoyable experience, a time when you can begin to unwind at the start of your trip. Most of us love to go on holiday. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy every aspect from start to finish? The good news is that your subconscious can be reprogrammed using hypnosis and you can be free from your fear. Your mind is powerful and it can help you to achieve your goals. So use it to your advantage and start enjoying a new found freedom.

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