Unlocking your potential

Do you feel that you are living life to your full potential? Maybe there are some areas of your life where you feel you are  performing better than others. Recently I attended a very interesting talk in which the speaker, an experienced business coach, asked us to write down what percentage of our true potential we felt we are using in our lives. I wrote 70%, he suggested it was more like 10%. I suspect the figure lies somewhere higher than that. However the reality is that most of us are not unlocking our full potential, whether this be at work or in our home lives. Procrastination is a common barrier to performing to the best of your ability.


What is holding you back? Everyone puts things off to the last minute sometimes, but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and look for distractions. For me writing my blog is certainly something I procrastinate about! Procrastination gets in the way of achieving our goals. Procrastinators may say that they perform better under pressure, but that is often their way of putting things off. Procrastination is not laziness, many people who procrastinate have difficulty sensing the amount of time a task will take, they think they have more time available that they really do. Others however put things off because they want to avoid distress, they think the task will be hard or boring. Unfortunately this approach can lead to more distress in the long run. Procrastination has been linked to stress, health problems and poor performance.

What are the implications?

Procrastinators tend to have more sleep issues and they experience a lot or regret. Procrastination can affect self esteem and the self critical thoughts that often go along with procrastination cause shame and guilt. This is not a good recipe for performing at your best.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Maybe you are a procrastinator? Maybe someone in your team has this problem. There are many ways to get out of the habit of procrastinating. Hypnotherapy can help you to improve decision making, performance, satisfaction and motivation. It can help you to become a better communicator and strengthen the relationships within your team. As an employer it is important to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of your staff and hypnotherapy is a great to way to reduce stress, anxiety, physical discomfort and improve self esteem.


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